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OliverJames On boarding Training

Date: 06 Sep 2021

The SENsational Team conducted a training at OliverJames' Tsim Sha Tsui office ahead of their employment of a person with a disability into their workforce. It was a training marked by genuine introspection, thoughtful questions and honest engagement. We truly felt the authentic receptiveness of the OliverJames' staff members in acknowledging and understanding the root of their biases, and the willingness to do the work to actively dismantle such biases. · When we are able to partner with clients who demonstrate such sincere interest and investment in becoming a disability inclusive environment, it is always a moment of validation for SENsational Foundation and the work we do here.

Thank you to @OliverJames for continuing to work towards inclusivity in a real, deliverable way.

OliverJames On boarding Training OliverJames On boarding Training OliverJames On boarding Training