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Sewa Day 2015

Date: October 2015

Sewa is often defined as providing a service to the community by helping those in need. To celebrate international Sewa Day on October 5th, SENsational Consultancy Ltd. organised and managed two activities: visiting Mother Teresa Home and handing out bags of food and necessities to street sleepers.

During our visit to Mother Teresa Home, SENsational was able to distribute food and happiness to those living in the shelter, as well as the visitors who were unable to attain permanent residency, but who came to have a hot meal twice a day. The company helped to organise hot meals and provided each resident / visitor with a small bags of essentials including fruits, drinks, snacks and general hygiene amenities.
In addition to this, SENsational continued to honor Sewa Day by handing out more bags of essentials to street sleepers and those in need, who were living in some of the deprived areas of Hong Kong.

Sewa Day 2015
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