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Meet Our Team

Our diverse team shares a common goal: to enable people of all abilities to find their place in the corporate world.

Core Team

Faride B. Shroff
Founder & Executive Director
Burji Shroff
Executive Director
Lolitta Ho Yan Yee
Content Writer
Sunita Jakhar
Public Relations Officer
Maheen Haider
Social Media Officer

Executive Directors

Faride Shroff
Burji Shroff

Advisory Board

Faride Shroff
Benjamin Wong
Gerald Lee
Sukrit Khatri
Urszula McCormack
Tania Shroff
Danny Khursigara
Nikhilesh Mathur
Farina Shroff
Burji Shroff
Fern Ngai
Clare Williams
Karen Khaw
Carmen Yau
Nigel Smith
Sudesh Thevasenabathy
KK Fung

Long Serving Volunteers

Rabi Yim

Rabi was left paralyzed and wheelchair-bound after a near-fatal car accident but has restored some mobility in her upper body to lead an independent and hectic schedule. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Visual Communication and has been Design Director at RPM station since 2007. She is also the founder of The Direction Association for the Handicapped.

Rekha Mahbubani

Rekha has 22 years of work experience across eight local and international schools. She has worked with special needs children, led volunteer work, and represented the Board of Governors  and gained various corporate experience.

Sati Matharu

A qualified pharmacist with over 25 years of work experience, Sati has been involved in fundraising activities for underprivileged girls and works as an English teacher in Hong Kong.

Aradhana Chandra

Aradhana holds a degree in teaching children with learning differences from Hong Kong University. She has a vast experience in teaching students across all age groups.  She has a track record of teaching students with cognitive physical ,emotional and behavioral impairments.  After teaching in an international school for 15 years as a special educational needs teacher, she is serving the community by raising awareness about equal opportunities for all.

International Team

Hera Kanga

Hera has experience across the corporate, educational and charitable sectors. Additionally, Hera is a qualified primary school teacher and has worked at the English Schools Foundation in Hong Kong.

Nahesh Hingorani

Nahesh is part of the SENsational Volunteers team, helping people with special needs access the same opportunities as others.

Shubhi Raymond
United Kingdom

Shubhi has for the last 30 years worked in teaching, advisory and management roles with children with special educational needs or disabilities, their families and educational practitioners. She also has an MA in Psychology and Special Educational Needs.

Tushar Gogia

Tushar has a background in team and leadership development and has worked extensively with both youth and corporate audiences across India and the US.  He has been a critical team member of rapidly growing organizations including Magic Bus, Ashoka U & Dasra. Tushar has a BA in Environmental Science from SUNY Plattsburgh and a MSc. in Nonprofit Management from The New School in New York.

Marjory Bent

Marjory is Australian and has lived in the UK, Germany, Cyprus, and Hong Kong.  In 2003 Marjory conducted research into the provision of services offered by NGOs for disabled children and young adults in Hong Kong on behalf of the Kadoorie Charitable foundation.

Tom Laverty
United Kingdom

Tom has worked with children with learning disabilities for over 30 years. He graduated with a BSc in Psychology before working with children in residential care.