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PDNHK: "Evolving DEI Policies" Panel Discussion

Date: 25 September 2023

PDNHK’s “Evolving DEI Policies” brought together regional leaders to discuss advancing disability inclusion initiatives in Hong Kong workplaces. Moderated by Michelle Mac (Make the Change), speakers Sudesh T (Manulife), Stephanie Ho (BNY Mellon), and Chaitanya Nangia (Bank of America) shared practical insights on crafting inclusive strategies aligned with best practices in the APAC region.

Some key insights shared during the panel discussion were:

1. Inclusion must be championed from the top, with executive sponsorship essential to prioritise it strategically.
2. Both qualitative and quantitative metrics are critical to holistically measure the success of inclusion initiatives.
3. Organisations unlock untold value by embracing diverse abilities and perspectives previously overlooked, fuelling innovation and better customer service.
4. With inclusion nascent in many Hong Kong companies, significant potential remains to cultivate truly inclusive cultures where all talents can contribute authentically.

We are incredibly grateful to our friends at BNY Mellon, especially Joey Ward and Greig Ramsay, for their generous sponsorship and support. As committed members and leaders within the PDNHK community, Joey and Greig spearheaded BNY Mellon's involvement, opening their doors by providing a wonderful venue to host this important panel discussion.

PDNHK: "Evolving DEI Policies" Panel Discussion
More photos from the event