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Generali - Panel Discussion and Onboarding Workshop

Date: 23 May 2019

In expanding their Diversity and Inclusion initiative, Generali reached out to SENsational Consultancy about including people with disabilities (PwD) in the broader discussion. SENsational Consultancy then reached out to several candidates, and a panel discussion was arranged at the Generali office. The event was an immense success, acting as a solid and personal introduction of the lives of PwDs in Hong Kong to the Generali staff. The discussion portion was particularly successful, bring out many positive and thoughtful interactions which reflected the importance of inclusion for all in the workplace, and heightened the desire for action among the staff members. 

Following the panel discussion, SENsational Consultancy partnered with Generali again to place a candidate with a visual impairment as an intern at their office. A training and orientation was conducted with the candidate's team members which focused on the accommodations, communication skills and workplace adjustments that individuals with visual impairments require. Through simulatory activities and open discussion, the orientation procedure was able to run smoothly, allowing the candidate to start work with the necessary confidence and support system in place.

Generali - Panel Discussion and Onboarding Workshop
More photos from the event